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100% Life Sciences consulting specialist

Consultys advises and helps pharmaceutical manufacturers and laboratories and, more generally, all those involved in the Life Sciences sector, with their development projects.

In response to the challenges they face, Consultys deploys the expertise of a team of 430 specialist employees and consultants able to provide pertinent, innovative solutions to the strategic missions in which they are involved.


Pharmaceutical industry

Historically, the therapeutic drug and healthcare industry is the core business of the Consultys group. For the sector’s major players and the world’s largest pharmaceutical laboratories, Consultys deploys a wide range of consulting services and efficient, integrated solutions throughout Europe.


Consultys’ unique expertise helps biotechnology firms and industrial partners to discover and develop innovative therapies and to manufacture treatments for rare diseases.

Medical devices

Consultys, specialist in the medical devices sector, supports Europe’s start-ups, businesses and industrial firms in the medical devices sector, from the design stage to production and market release in France.


The cosmetics industry changes continuously and demands strict compliance with applicable regulations. To integrate the various parameters of success into design and production projects, Consultys employs specialist consultants in this field.

of our history


Creation of the group in Lyon, a dynamic area for the pharmaceutical industry.


Development of our activity in the Paris region and then Normandy.


Installation in Belgium to enable us to work with the many Belgian industrial operations. The success of this international experience encouraged the company to found a subsidiary in Switzerland in 2010.


Consultys joined the VULCAIN Ingénierie group, expert in industrial engineering and consulting, founded in 1998, with global presence via specialist agencies and design offices.


We are proud to have more than 600 employees, expert consultants and engineers contributing to our future ambitions, building our history each day!



Life Sciences

years’ experience

fundamental values


experience on average

3 fundamental

Consultys is proof that human values and performance can be combined.
More than mere concepts, our values have been guiding us for 17 years; they are the foundation of our history and the heart of our success as a group.

Performance through


Consultys is a company founded on respect. Respect of our customers, of our consultants and therefore of our commitments. Our projects are the link between our customers’ expectations and our consultants’ ambitions.

Performance through


At Consultys, every employee is unique. We want each individual to flourish, which is why we develop long-term prospects within the organisation. We build solid, clear and close relations, to foster professional development.

Performance through

Consultys implements a policy of transparency with its customers and consultants. We favour frank, open dialogue. Our consultants are aware of what is happening in the company and contribute to the company’s development with their proposals, remarks and recruitment suggestions.

A word from
senior management

When we created Consultys, it seemed an obvious choice to make people the focus of our corporate strategy. 15 years on, I am proud of the quality of our teams, which implement hands-on management techniques, respect each consultant’s technical and geographic wishes, and encouraged exchanges and mutual benevolence. The respect of these values that form the basis of our DNA is fundamental; we pay attention to each individual, from the very first time we meet. We look beyond a simple CV, seeking talents, personalities and potential that we can develop together. By offering all our employees the possibility of working where they want, on projects that correspond to their desires and career aspirations, we offer each individual a chance to realise their full potential. This is what has made Consultys” reputation as a player of reference in the Life Sciences industry.

Philippe HOERNEL, Founder and CEO of Consultys

our talents

Our Business Managers:
  • Technical or scientific education
  • Experience in an industrial environment
  • Credibility and legitimacy to ease discussions with our customers, consultants and candidates on highly specific technical problems
Our HR team:
  • Technical training in the particularities of each profession
  • Identification of the key skills associated
Our administrative team:
  • Accessible and responsive
  • Personalised support for employees and customers
Our consultants:
  • Higher education in the health industry (engineers, pharmacists, masters graduates)
  • Specialised in each sector and profession
  • Average experience of more than 7 years
  • Assist our customers with their difficulties by providing technical assistance or via more comprehensive service offers”

is recruiting

Are you an engineer, pharmacist or researcher?
Do you have significant experience in the pharma / biotech / MD / Cosmetics industrial sectors?
Do you share our values?
Would you like to work on strategic industrial projects?

Why not join us and make the most of the following opportunities!


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