Confirming our ambitions

The year began in good stead and the excellent results of 2018 confirm our development prospects.

One of the group’s strategic challenges is to strengthen our international presence; Consultys Benelux has been leading the way and is gradually extending its prospecting area in Flanders. We are also aiming for a prominent place for our business in French and German speaking Switzerland… More about this in our next edition.

Meanwhile, let’s celebrate the development of our offer and our client portfolio. Our clients are expressing new needs: Coaching, PMO, Metrology… a multitude of opportunities that will lead to new types of expertise. We are already proving that we can capture this market, as the pages of this edition will show.

Attracting talents and being able to gain their loyalty is another area ofdevelopment that is equally crucial to the group’s future.
Our reputation is sound, but we must not rest on our laurels. We must keep up our efforts and the Quality of Life at Work survey enabled us to identify both our strong points and the areas we need to improve. Our market is changing and we can draw benefit from the current technological developments that make pharma and biotech engineering experts our main partners: green lights all the way!

And speaking of green… For the first time, your MAG is available in digital format. Times are changing and as part of our CSR initiative,
we believe that in terms of environmental protection, the only possible way forward is to propose the MAG in a single digital version.
We have also opted to publish an English version; this corresponds to our development challenges and makes it easier for our non-French speaking colleagues to access the information!

So, step by step, we are building our story and we all have a part to play!

Happy reading.