Branching out internationally

For the first time in its history, CONSULTYS is developing its business through a strategy of external growth with the integration of two Swiss companies, Aston Life Sciences and Prismond Group.

In line with our desire for international expansion, this operation allows us to visibly penetrate the market, positioning ourselves directly as a leader in Pharma and Life Sciences in Switzerland. Through intelligent synergy, we will provide our new partners with the support of a well-established group, our expertise and our feedback. In exchange, we will rely on their knowledge and deep understanding of this market. This partnership must be beneficial to all, with a view to sustaining and expanding our respective activities.

Thanks to these acquisitions, CONSULTYS Group’s international vocation is taking shape. Our next objective will be to enter the German market, notably through Prismond, which has already set up a business line in the country. At the same time, CONSULTYS BENELUX is continuing its development by expanding into the Flemish market.

Of course, these projects would not be possible without the stability and consolidation of our activities in our historical subsidiaries. During this first half of the year, our customers have renewed their trust in us; even if one of them revises its engineering subcontracting policy, we are able to create business. The drivers behind our success are notably the diversity of the projects and markets (Biotech and MDs), as well as recent new accounts. This is the result of the energy we expend and the one of our Business Managers responsible for prospecting and proposing new solutions to our clients.

But, after a very active and a semester full of projects, let’s make the most of the upcoming holidays.

Enjoy the MAG and have a great summer break!