What about us, how are we doing?

Whoever would have imagined, a few months before, what a crisis we would be facing and the consequences it would have? Our professional and personal lives have been completely overturned and there are probably still some surprises in store for us as we approach the end of the year. And yet, in spite of the rather dark global economic and social situation, we have learnt how to adapt and come to terms with these constraints. The pages focusing on our subsidiaries are the best demonstration of it.

So, our aim for this edition was to faithfully reflect what has happened over the last few months. We have much to tell, with a new, more modern visual identity, greater social media presence on LinkedIn, stronger business development action that is starting to bear fruit, new partnerships and stronger client-based teams.

So, a full year but a strange one too, not only due to the impact of the pandemic but also due to SANOFI Group’s latest referencing. This decision demonstrates the importance of a flexible organisation – we have built up our expertise in integrated offer, or platform, support. The development of this type of solution provides new in-house opportunities. The current context is also pushing us to expand and intensify our commercial development outside our own sectors and core businesses. Our expertise is absolutely transferable, like in the medical devices, CRO or fine chemistry sectors. These are promising areas for development and we hope to strengthen our new partnerships in 2021.

Finally, since the start of the pandemic and continuing now, it is vital that we protect our own physical and mental health, as well as that of our loved ones. We must therefore continue to be extremely careful and are very sorry to have to postpone all face to face events. Until further notice, we will continue our quarterly TEAMS discussions and you can be contacted through your Managers or support functions at any time, if you feel the need.

What about us, how are we doing? We are standing firm thanks to the commitment of every one of you and our wish to succeed whatever the weather.

Take care and enjoy your MAG!

Philippe Hoernel

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